Our Model

Content Circulation

At VCA, we drive brand’s content on social media with our Visual Content Strategy™ .

Content is digital proof of your marketing’s purpose, time & success. Our goal is to make the most out of your social media channels to ensure your visual content correlates with your social media & company-wide marketing goals.

Our Content Model

Step 1: Discovery

We will conduct an in-person, discovery session with your team to analyze your current marketing goals, content desires, creative direction & vision

Step 2: Strategy

Our Visual Content Strategy is a custom-tailored visual roadmap designed to acquire, convert and retain an active social media community, through relevant and engaging visual content.

Step 3: Content Creation

Storytelling is key – we create, produce & direct your content so that it meets your internal goals and speaks to your online audience.

Step 4: Manage & Optimize

We will work with your team to launch & manage content across all of your social media channels while reviewing & optimizing top KPIs such as brand reach, engagement and loyalty.

How Our Process Comes Full Circle

Step 1: Discovery

Our initial process includes in-depth meetings and analysis to provide your team with expert recommendations around your company goals vision. In turn, we will review your company’s brand & marketing assets.

Step 2: Presenting Your Strategy

We will prepare a visual presentation of your content strategy along with an online editorial content calendar. Once complete, we will share the plan on how to bring it all together.

Step 3: Developing Brand Assets for Social

Each production will provide your brand a library of high quality video & photo assets for social media use. Then, we will digitally manage your assets for proper cataloging and organization.

Step 4: Multi-Channel Plan & Management

We turn your Visual Content Strategy™ into more than just a “post” by creating, managing & measuring a circulation of content monthly on all your top social channels.

Our model is designed to drive content engagement, reach & impressions annually with content your social media audience will love to see.

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