West Pak Avocado

B2B Sales Campaign


With the understanding that virtually connecting through video conference rooms is the “new normal,” West Pak Avocado’s Avo Experts desired a digital presence to bring their offline sales program called Avo-Opportunities to life in time for their biggest tradeshow of the year – Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit. Due to the hurdles of COVID-19, the team understood that the time was “ripe” to get in front of their top customers, connections and followers to enhance the views, engagement, reach and potential leads desired back to West Pak’s top sales landing page: http://sales.westpakavocado.com


Introducing Zooming in on Avo-Opportunities: Sales Solutions at West Pak Avocado. Reinforcing West Pak’s team of Avo Experts as strategists, partners and collaborators in the industry the campaign was broken into various creative segments including a main video component in which the sales team members propose their successful “Avo-Opportunities” program to a simulated customer. The initial video capitalized on humor and a little “extra” personality for a fun, delightful spoof on video calls.


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  • Web
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Media
  • Video